– Pregnancy

After the initial excitement of discovering that you’re pregnant recedes you need to be conscious of the fact that your are now sharing yourself in the growth of a new little individual.

All nourishment, nutrients and environment come from Mum.  It is vital that you are getting sufficient exercise, rest, sleep and nourishment.  If you need help, ask for help. When demands on you are too much, learn to say ‘No’.

Acupuncture is safe throughout pregnancy and is very effective in dealing with the associated discomforts.  Acupuncture is especially appropriate in minimising or avoiding medication; and of course is very effective in preparing for delivery. You may wish to consider acupuncture to complement your journey while under the care and guidance of your medical team.

What can I do to help myself?

Firstly, you should be taking a wholefood prenatal multivitamin/mineral supplement like the one recommended in clinic.   This will include Folic Acid.  Secondly,  you should be taking an Omega 3 supplement – ideally a plant-based version.

Coming near the end you may be wondering if there is any thing you and your partner can do to help prepare for labour. Ideally you would have acupuncture once per week in the 4 weeks leading up to delivery date.  Then for the big event: an Acupressure booklet by Debra Betts. Here’s a Summary to print and have to hand on the big day. You’ll be shown in clinic where to locate these points on your own body. For iphone users, an app is available from the Apple Store: “Acupressure for Natural Pain Relilef in Labour”  https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/acupressure-for-natural-pain/id604942630 

Helena with Debra Betts PhD, attending her Maternity Acupuncture weekend Seminar

Breech presentation

If a baby is breech position, acupuncture and moxa can be used to encourage baby to turn. Treatment is usually carried out weeks 32-35.

NOTE: This treatment is contraindicated in the case of twins; as Twin 1 is normally head down and the Twin 2 is transverse or possibly breech position. Twin 2 usually naturally follows Twin 1 out without a problem. Your ob/gyn will best advise you on this.

Prep. for delivery

Treatment to prepare for delivery is usually carried out once per week from week 36, to help ripen the cervix and relax mum.  A stronger acupuncture protocol can also be used to help induce labour* when baby has gone over delivery date; many mums prefer this to try to avoid a medical induction.

*Please note that there are certain stages the body goes through in preparation for actual delivery of the baby. Getting the waters to break does not necessarily speed up delivery. For this reason, at this clinic, acupuncture for induction is normally not carried until 41 weeks as advised by Debra Betts. However, for the majority attending for preparatory acupuncture (weekly for 4 weeks prior to due date) acupuncture to promote induction is seldom required.