My name is Helena Fitzgerald, Acupuncturist & Naturopath.  I use acupuncture as my main tool as I find it most effective in safely and naturally getting results and quick-starting the road to recovery. Other supporting naturopathic modalities used at this clinic include nutritional counselling, supplement recommendation, prevention & lifestyle counselling. It may be appropriate to use one or more of the above within your treatment (whichever are most relevant and beneficial to you at that time) to provide success where you may previously have had disappointing progress. 

I educate you on your own biology,  food, supplements, exercise, environmental burdens (EMF, toxins). This enables you to continue to treat yourself at home, speeding up your recovery and putting the power back in your hands.

I believe that no matter what your diagnosis or symptoms, there is always something that can be done to improve your quality of life.

I am privileged and humbled to work with those committed to their own recovery, as I have had the opportunity to be a rainbow in somebody else’s cloud.

Me & Traditional Medicine in Vietnam

Shorty after having completed my Acupuncture training, I elected to go to Vietnam for additional post-graduate experience to see how acupuncture is used on a large scale, everyday basis. In Vietnam I worked hands-on, side by side with the doctors and professors in the National Hospital of Traditional Medicine (World Health Organisation collaborated centre) in Hanoi. These doctors were consultants, with many initially trained in Western Medicine and subsequently in Traditional Medicine. 

The beauty of their medical practice was seeing them combine East and West for the best possible outcome for the patient (and some of the results were outstanding). For example, if the patient had a stroke and had high blood pressure, they would first stabilise the blood pressure with prescription drugs, then they treat the underlying cause – what led to this patient having a stroke? The patient would then receive herbs and acupuncture to both repair the damage done and to treat the root cause of the stroke, allowing reduction/elimination of prescription drugs and preventing reoccurrence of stroke. [This is why I dedicate so much time and effort to patient-specific supplement recommendation and self care advice.]

Treating a shingles patient for residual pain in Vietnam

Helena treating a shingles patient for residual pain in Vietnam

I am a member of the Acupuncture Foundation Professional Association. For further information go to www.afpa.ie  Being a member, I am recognised by several health insurance providers. I am also a member of ETCMA – European Traditional Chinese Medicine Association.


I have a keen interest in further learning. I attend relevant seminars that further benefit  my knowledge base, and therefore my patients. Below are some prominent examples…

Helena with Dr. Richard Tan (RIP) treating Pain & complex internal disease


Shonishin (needle-free for children) training with the famous Dr. Stephen Birch
Helena with Dr. Stephen Birch treating using Shonishin (needle-free for children)


Helena with Prof. Tianjun Wang, treating neurological disorders
Helena with Debra Betts – Maternity and Postpartum