“I went to Helena throughout my pregnancy and found it so beneficial. I had issues with my stomach as I’ve always had and with sleeping. Helena really helped with all of this. I found the sessions to be really relaxing and felt I had more energy because of the acupuncture. My stomach issues eased and overall it was a great experience. I cannot recommend Helena enough.”


I went to Helena for acupuncture four months before my second embryo transfer. I had my implantation in early April after one other failed attempt the previous December, I was anxious about the second implantation as it was another costly attempt so I decided to try something different as an aid and to give it the best chance possible.

I found on my first visit that Helena explained everything in great detail and was very knowledgeable and patient with any queries and very personable in general. She went through everything and did all the necessary introductory medical checks prior to the sessions very thoroughly and professionally … then when I had a successful pregnancy test went for acupuncture once every 2 weeks then once a month as maintenance.

As well as finding it a very relaxing experience in general … I can safely say that I think it maintained my equilibrium, my general well being both mentally and physically and truly believe that it maintained my pregnancy after my IVF implantation which can be an issue and a worry after IVF implantations. Helena also advised me on necessary supplements to help me for my pregnancy health in general which I am still taking and feel they greatly benefited my health in general. I’m now expecting my bundle of joy in a few weeks.

I would highly recommend Helena and acupuncture in general, and her clinic is a very comfortable and pleasant place for the sessions.

(Age 46)


“You gave me acupuncture to help with fertility as well as advice and direction with regards to supplements… Thank you so much for your help, you really know what you are doing This is a fact. I conceived in July and we are expecting a little bundle of love in April. Thank you so much for getting me on track”

(Age 39)


I took my daughter to see Helena in Dec 2015 when she was 4 years old, as she was having digestive issues, also she was diagnosed as pre-asthmatic and was just off preventative inhalers. She had been to A&E with coughing and wheezing and was prone to catching colds which would affect her breathing. She had several antibiotics and steroids by the time we took her to Helena… I am happy to say that she has not had an episode since.

We haven’t looked back, and are so glad that we discovered Helena and her expertise. She is very practical in her approach and is keen that I leave her clinic knowing how to proactively care for my children’s health, as prevention is better than cure.

I would highly recommend Helena as not only did she look after us but also I left with the knowledge of how to prevent reoccurrence.


I took my baby daughter to see Helena in May 2017 aged 7 months at the time, with constipation and also both of her tear ducts were blocked, they would ooze and be watery all the time. We were cleaning the eyes up to 10 times a day.

Helena treated her using Shonishin, the next day her left eye was completely clear. The right eye was improved but still required cleaning a few times during the day. After the second treatment her bowel movements were completely back to normal.

Helena recommend appropriate supplements. I am delighted and relieved that both of her beautiful eyes are clean and clear and continue to remain so. We would highly recommend Helena, she has so much information to share and really knows what she’s doing.


I first went for acupuncture treatment with Helena in July 2020 for a neurological issue that I was having. After being to a number of different consultants with nobody seeming to have any idea what was the cause of my issue, I decided to give acupuncture a try. From the very start Helena was thoroughly professional and dedicated to treating the issue that I was having. From the start I experienced some relief with the acupuncture but after sticking with Helena’s plan for now the best part of 8 Months and now at the point of almost complete pain relief, I am happy that I decided to give acupuncture a try. I couldn’t recommend Helena enough.


Helena is more than an acupuncturist, she is also a naturopath , which means she is qualified to advise foods and supplements which compliment her treatments, she is a great advocate for looking after your whole body, not just the bit you think needs fixing. As a result a session with Helena can cover many aspects of your health. If you have a needle phobia then Helena can help here too, needle free treatment, but by closing your eyes, you generally can’t feel them going in . The efficiency of a treatment can vary, for example, my husband was in extreme pain following a stroke, Helena reduced the pain to practically nil and now he can do his exercises and has improved his mobility considerably. I have a medical disorder, and Helena has helped with my symptoms and allowed me to reduce my medication . I hope this review is helpful for anyone considering using Helena’s skills, I can thoroughly recommend her .


I had acupuncture with Helena to try alleviate restless legs during pregnancy. I really enjoyed my sessions with Helena, she certainly knows her trade extremely well. She was also very knowledgeable about supplements to recommend to me to help with RLS. Would highly recommend


We went to Helena to prepare for pregnancy. We had been trying for 10 months before attending Helena. My husband had low semen results.

In addition to receiving acupuncture Helena recommended specific multivitamins for us both.   I am delight to say that we were pregnant 2 months later. We couldn’t believe how effective the acupuncture and implemented recommendations worked. Though Helena was not particularly surprised based on her assessment of us, she did say that every couple is different, and there are many factors involved that is why at the beginning she had us commit to 3 months/3 cycles to allow time to effect change.

Then I had horrible morning sickness which Helena helped alleviate, any reprieve was welcome.

We found acupuncture relaxing and stress-relieving, and would highly recommend Helena and her clinic to anybody in our position.

Age 31 & 38